Membership Details

The Montague Business Association’s mission is to support, promote and develop Montague’s businesses. It actively partners and collaborates with the community and promotes Montague’s long-term economic growth.

Reasons members joined:

  • “Networking. Networking. Networking.”
  • “As a sole proprietor, MBA connects you with other businesses and offers opportunities for co-op advertising.”
  • “Gives you a chance to give back to the community, the people are dynamic and I learned quite a bit from other members.”
  • “Participation in the MBA has been very rewarding.”
  • “MBA gives you a voice in the community, opportunity to get information and have your opinions known, and to influence outcomes for the business community.”

Join the Montague Business Association today to:

  • Take part in your local business community
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Increase your contacts
  • Support and participate in the local economy


Individual/Sole Proprietor, up to 5 full-time employees $60
Companies/Corporations, up to 25 full-time employees $120
26 or more full-time employees $250

Dues are billed annually in January.
If you join in another month, please pro-rate your dues.

Joining is easy!

  1. Complete the membership application.
  2. Send in your dues, payable to: Montague Business Association, PO Box 485, Turners Falls, MA 01376