List of MBA Membership Benefits

Advertising, Networking and Training

  • The Montague Business Association coordinates with local media to obtain special rates for group advertising on behalf of our members, including a regularly scheduled full-page advertisement in the Montague Reporter. Members in good standing can participate in this cooperative advertisement. Advertising sign-up.
  • Members also get a 5% discount on solo ads in the Montague Reporter.
  • At each bi-monthly meeting we ask 2-3 member businesses to describe to other members what their businesses do.
  • Website listing on the website
  • Frequent "Meet & Greet" events at local establishments fosters networking opportunities.
  • Our partnership with other local Business Associations (Greenfield and Shelburne) provides low cost training to our member businesses.

Liaison and Advocacy with Government Agencies

The MBA will provide a unified voice for our member businesses at all levels of government. Example of past and current issues include:

  • Gill-Montague Bridge Construction - the MBA provided a voice for it's member businesses by coordinating meetings with the Mass DOT, Steve Kulik's office, Montague DPW and Town officials regarding the upcoming Gill-Montague Bridge construction project. We are currently working with the Mass. DOT regarding signage to notify the public about traffic routes in and out of town.
  • Town Planner Position - The MBA recognized the neccessity of maintaining the Town Planner position following the resignation of Dan Laroche. We wrote letters to the editors of The Recorder and The Montague Reporter in support of this position. As a result, the MBA was able to send a representative to the selection committee for the interim planner position and we will be involved in the selection of a permanent Town Planner.
  • Hosting informative meetings with Police Chief Dodge and other experts on safety and crime prevention, and advocating for town action to improve safety.

Community Involvement

  • Arts, Culture and Tourism in Montague - We continue to support the arts in all five villages of Montague. We see arts and culture as an important part of building the kind of community that attracts the skilled employers we all need in order for our businesses to thrive. The Holiday Tree Lighting, downtown Halloween Trick or Treating, and Arts Walks are all part of what the MBA is doing to make our town a great place to live. We actively partner with the Turners Falls RiverCulture and the Great Falls Discovery Center to provide events that will attract both residents and tourists to Montague.
  • Grant program--The Montague Business Association offers a grant program to members seeking a bit of funding for projects that support, promote and develop Montague's businesses, and that have the potential to enrich and strengthen the community as a whole. Grant applications for 2013 are due May 1.

Keeping downtowns livable

  • We are also supporting a downtown committee for residents, business owners and other to work together to pinpoint quality of life issues in the downtown.